Reimbursement for Volunteer's Incidental Expenses

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Is this only for bus fare? Why don't we change this to "Bus Fare for Volunteers Policy"? Ali 21:24, 21 July 2010 (UTC)


Body that set the policy(s) on [lists.freegeek_meeting_Minutes Date Adopted].

Volunteers in need of incidental cash (for example, bus fare) can ask the staff for assistance. The staff would then use a criteria to determine if the volunteer is eligible. The criteria would be that the volunteer:

  • already has a proven record of helping out,
  • intends on coming in regularly,
  • provides a service that benefits Free Geek,
  • the money is necessary for the volunteer to keep coming in.

If so, and if we have the money to make it happen, we should make it happen.

In the case of bus fare, we should purchase discounted fare tickets or passes at our discretion, rather than give out cash. The passes are good for a calendar month and are therefore a better buy early in the month (or near the end of the previous month). If the price is close, we should probably tilt for the bus pass, since it will allow the volunteer more freedom to get around.


We actually have a stash of bus tickets used for volunteers on a case-by-case basis. Ali 21:24, 21 July 2010 (UTC)