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  • Handle cash and credit sales, and close out till at the end of the day
  • Process, price and shelve incoming products
  • Assist in cleaning and maintenance of the store
  • Maximize income for Free Geek while not compromising Free Geek's culture or values
  • Evaluate existing Thrift Store layout, suggest & implement improvements
  • Maintain shelf organization & stocking
  • Run the till, make sales, answer customers' questions, channel customer complaints to proper avenues
  • Pro-actively communicate with Free Geek staff & volunteers, especially those involved in testing, production and tech support about needs of the Thrift Store
  • Effectively communicate store policies to customers
  • Provide a safe and welcoming retail environment to customers of all abilities/experience
  • Maintain current knowledge of market prices for store items, and work to ensure pricing consistency amongst all staff & volunteers
  • Assist in the development of Thrift Store policies and procedures
  • Assist in the training of store staff and volunteers
  • Attend and actively participate in Thrift Store Working Group meetings


This is a tentative description as of 8/2010 which will be reviewed in 3 months time to ensure its accuracy.

  • Work towards -- Teach and recruit volunteer instructors for Build Workshops
  • Work floor shifts coordinating volunteers
  • Recruit quality volunteers for Advanced Testing, Laptops Build, Mac build, and Enterprise Build
  • Keep the Build area orderly and stocked with needed computer components.
  • Coordinate with reuse coordinators in regards to documentation and gizmo flow, and procedures
  • Know and follow the Build Instructor Guide
  • Keep an eye on supplies and determine what to build in any given shift
  • Once settled in the role as a build instructor: keep in mind the build-store connection and make suggestions as to how it can be strengthened, streamlined or improved


  • 32 hours/week including 1-2 hours of administrative time and 1 hour of meeting time