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Sample Letter

This letter was sent out to Barony and Shire members of the SCA in June of 2006, requesting their help with Geek Fair 2006.

Greetings, fair gentles!

I will be forthright and honest--I have not yet attended an official Society event in this area; my last SCA event was 3YC. Thereafter, I became a scurvy pirate and have since been sailing the seas of wheat.

But I do work, mundanely, for a very cool nonprofit organization that has a commitment to both saving our watersheds and landfills from electronic waste, and making sure all who want a computer can get one, working, simply for volunteering for us, and donating their time.

Upcoming is Geek Fair on July 15th, our largest fundraising event. We are seeking any help that the Barony of Three Mountains, and that proud An Tir herself, can give us. We are seeking:

  • entertainment acts for our outdoor street stage (this could include live

steel demos, armor fashion shows, singing groups--whatever)

  • donated Silent Auction items of beauty to thrill the souls of the Silent


  • help spreading the word to your friends and family, to come and support

us in our efforts to save the planet

Garb is not required; though if anyone wishing to attend wishes to don garb, we would not turn them away. If you could assist me in getting the word out, or turning me towards artisans, performers and craftfolk with whom I could speak, I would be overjoyed.

Fair travels,