Santiago Job Description

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Basic Information

Santiago works in Online Sales, Advanced Testing, and completes some Special Projects as they come up.


Online Sales

  • Locate items within Free Geek, test, and prepare them for online sales
  • Coordinate with volunteers to develop and enact new testing procedures
  • Research market trends to maximize sales of gizmos
  • Participate in relevant committees
  • Research new avenues of online sales, including potential vendors

Required Skills

  • Interest in and aptitude for online sales
  • Familiarity with computer components and their market value
  • Trustworthy and able to work unsupervised

Advanced Testing

  • Triage and test incoming hardware
  • Teach advanced testing procedures to new volunteers
  • Document advanced testing procedures for new volunteers
  • Possibly create and document new tests for odd gizmos

Special Projects

  • Santiago assists with special projects (testing, construction, maintenance) from time to time.


This is a non-Collective permanent position. Wages are $11.55/hour and benefits include health insurance and 1 week PTO.