Scheduling Exceptions

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We are flexible. We allow for exceptions.

We have a limited amount of volunteer spots available each day. For individuals referred by another organization and needing extra assistance, we will guarantee a scheduled spot until they reach 24 hrs. Beyond their 24 hrs these volunteers are responsible for scheduling any further hours.

The following are accepted as scheduling exceptions:

  • needs assistance by another person
  • needs special transport that has limited availability
  • lives in a group home or other assisted living facility
  • travels VERY far to come to Free Geek

Please add the following info about each volunteer:

  • First name and ID number:
  • Assistant?:
  • Build/Adoption?:
  • volunteer day and time:
  • Start date:
  • approx. end date:

We need to add: Jace Sakamoto +1 (usually Jesse) Matt Becker + 1 (usually Bron) Stacy Dreith



  • First name and ID number: Conrad Meyers ID#_____
  • Assistant?: No
  • Build/Adoption?: Recycling Table only
  • volunteer day and time: Wednesdays, 12:30 - 1:30
  • approx. end date: no end date/ongoing