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Sometimes we get a rash of volunteers who only need 10 or so hours for school credit. Often they're from high schools, sometimes from PCC.

Since these folks need a little eval of their performance at the end of their time here, we need to hook 'em up with a FG supervisor. Liane's the only one who's said she can do this. So here's what ya do:

  • Tell 'em they'll only be able to volunteer in recycling.
  • Sign them up for a recycling shift when Liane's there. Find liane's schedule by going to http://bullwinkle/work_shifts/list and adjusting the fields up top to only select Liane's schedule.
  • Tell 'em that they'll need to introduce themselves to Liane when they first get there so she knows who they are. If they don't do this and then ask for an eval at the end of their time back there, she won't fill out the form.
  • Tell 'em that they'll need to only sign up for recycling shifts when Liane's working back there, and to tell the front desk this when scheduling shifts.

It's always a good idea to let the Intern Program Coordinator know where these folks come from, so she can be in touch with their school if Liane gets overloaded.