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(as discussed at the Financial Optimization Meeting by Jhasen and Ideath.)

Impact: Medium
Effort: Easy


The Smashtacular is an open to the public event where people can come and pay us to smash printers.

Sucessful ways of making Smashtacular more fun:

  • heavy metal (a good DJ of various music to destroy technology to)
  • variety of implements of destruction (sledge, 9-iron, frying pan, 'analog')
  • friends to help you goad, encourage and cheer participants
  • safety equipment

Thought process

  1. How does it further FREE GEEK's mission?
    • It makes printers smaller and recycling them easier
    • Raises public awareness of recycling
  2. Will it go with our culture, or meet resistance?
    • The printers in question were already destined for recycling, so there's no question of waste.
    • We like to think Free Geek's culture is fun-friendly.
  3. How would we go about measuring the impact?
    • Simple math. This equipment currently brings us $0.

  1. Who would be involved?
    • Because of the possibility of injury, we only want this to be overseen by staff. The Smashtaculars would be held regularly, perhaps monthly or fortnightly.
    • Oversight, materials collection, cleanup: Jhasen and other staff
    • Promotion: Jhasen and volunteers
    • Goading: RevPhil
  2. What kind of budget would it require?
    • ads or copies for outreach
    • possibly: film for polaroid camera*
  3. What would our first steps be? How soon should we start them?
    • First step: outreach
    • Also: saving printers.
    • We should start in about two weeks.
  4. How soon can it be completely in place and functioning?
    • As soon as the first smashtacular can happen - 2 weeks?
  5. How and when would we measure if it's helping?
    • It should be immediately clear!
  6. Was the preliminary impact/effort rating accurate?
    • YEAH OK


We should start outreach and preparation for a Smashtacular ASAP and use our experience from that one to plan for the next.

If there's a polaroid camera available, we'd like to set aside any money from the first few events to purchase polaroid film as an additional income source.