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This page is designed to document the process of revamping Free Geek's staff training procedures and resources. As a temporary Trainer, I developed wiki pages and streamlined processes to make the first month as a Free Geek employee smoother and easier. Whoever on staff is in charge of the staff training process should use this page as a guide to keeping documentation updated and running trainings as needed. --Scrump 21:58, 29 June 2012 (UTC)

General Training

Wiki pages to use and keep updated:

  • Employee Orientation Resources: an extensive collection of wiki resources for new employees to look through during their first weeks at Free Geek (note: occasionally checking to see if the pages linked to from this page are up-to-date is a good idea too.)
  • New Staff Member Orientation: the master checklist for general training of new employees; should be printed out and kept in new hire's file.
  • This page!

Specific training sessions to schedule/coordinate:

  • 1-hour safety orientation with Darryl (or another representative of the Safety committee)
  • 1-hour HR orientation with Mark (or another representative of HR)
  • 30-minute lock/security system orientation with Richard
  • 30-minute password-setting session with Richard
  • 1-hour volunteer management training with Stephen (or other designated collective member)
  • 30-minute till training with Michael (if applicable)
  • 1-hour OR E-Cycles Training with Liane (or other designated staff member)
  • 1-hour Facilitator/Scribe Training
  • 1-hour Wiki Training

Ideally, we will also eventually have training sessions for:

  • How to use RT
  • How to use the database
  • How to use the application server (i.e. Talon)

Area-specific Training

Checklists for various floor areas (see the "Training" category for more details):

Different floor areas require different amounts of dedicated training time. I think it would be ideal to get a standard number of training hours established as a baseline for each area, so that schedulers can plan for that. (For example: Receiving may typically require 20 training hours during which the trainee is not considered a "full" person staffing that area; the Front Desk may require only 12 hours or something like that.)

Other Tips/Guidelines

  • Whoever is in charge of training should work closely with the scheduler to determine the training schedule of the new hire. This should include adequate floor training time (see above), general training sessions (see above), as well as admin time for digesting information, doing paperwork, and potentially shadowing different staff members in his or her area.
  • About a month after starting, the new hire should complete a training evaluation form (Media:Training_evaluation.odt) and return it to Mark's mailbox.