Stocking Laptops

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Laptop folks, please:

  1. Put incoming laptops on the lower incoming shelves in the cabinet.
  2. Put scraptops either in the cabinets or in boxes on the floor of the back room, out of sight.
  3. Connect them with their ac adapters so that they don't stray.
  4. Thank you!

Store folks, here's how you price laptops:

It's most effective to do 2 or 3 at a time:

We bring out 3 laptops at a time, no more! Do not give in to demanding customers who want to see more. Be strong!

  1. Take the incoming laptop and ac adapter into the store.
  2. Make sure you've got the right ac adapter. They get mixed up.
  3. Goo up the stickers with hand-sanitizer.
  4. Use the printme information to fill out a pink pricing tag.
  5. Use the pricing sheet on one of the 10.04 machines to come up with a price.
  6. Don't forget: Write the system id number on the back of the tag.
  7. Don't forget: Note any quirks or special qualities and reflect them in the price.
  8. When it's done: Tape the printme to the back of the screen.
  9. When it's done: Put red, green or black numbers on ac adapter and side of machine and put it on the laptop shelves. Make sure you haven't duplicated a number. Look at what's already on the shelf as a guide.
  10. Done. Thank you!