Stream Fishing in Receiving

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Preventing and Discouraging Attempts to Stream Fish in Receiving

The stream fishing policy and the potential for volunteers to stream fish is not mentioned to volunteers in Receiving. (See: Stream fishing) While stream fishing is discouraged in all areas of Free Geek, it is particularly so in Receiving because most volunteers in Receiving are short term volunteers (see Free Geek Volunteer Discipline Policy for definition of short term). The rare cases in which exceptions are made and stream fishing is allowed generally involve established volunteers.

How To Respond When Receiving Volunteers Ask To Stream Fish

  • For items that may end up in the store:
    • Explain that stream fishing is not allowed as it is a fairness issue. Script (link to script that is already on the wiki)? : The item will end up in the store after it has gone through the proper process. It's not fair for volunteers in receiving to fish out of the stream as then not everyone has a fair chance at that particular item.
    • Volunteers are not allowed to bring the item or the store box to the store immediately. Explain to volunteers that they can visit the store after their shift is completed. They may not take breaks specifically to see if a certain item has made it to the store. Obviously, we do not have control over what volunteers do on their breaks, but if a volunteer appears to be taking breaks simply to check the store for desired items, volunteer discipline may be appropriate. (Involve collective member?) Some discipline options are:
      • A clarifying discussion concerning the expectations around stream fishing
      • Moving the volunteer to a different area
      • Asking the volunteer to leave for the day
      • Requesting the volunteer not volunteer in receiving again
  • Items bound towards recycling
    • “But it's just going to get recycled”--Free Geek makes money by recycling those shiny things.
      • "FreeGeek follows standard procedures in order for the organization to be able to accomplish its main goals: (computer access, education, ecologically-friendly recycling, as much reuse as possible). We do not have the resources to make exceptions and meet the organization's goals. While making an exception for this item might result in one item being reused that would otherwise be destroyed, a habit of making exceptions actually limits our ability as an organization to reuse as much as possible. If you think our policy of recycling this item does not serve FreeGeek as a whole, you are welcome to make a suggestion that we change this policy (give volunteer an action step)"
      • "Just this once/I'll never see it again/it's so shiny"--NO!
  • For items outside of the normal range of what Free Geek sells or recycles
    • If it seems appropriate to the staff member, these items can end up on the free table. Volunteers are welcome to visit the free table on regular breaks or at the completion of their shift

Staff and Intern Conduct in Receiving (Stream Fishing)

  • Staff and Interns are expected to set a personal example that discourages stream fishing. Staff and interns should not:
    • Mention how much they want to purchase an item that comes into Receiving or be perceived as rushing to the store after their shift or on breaks in order to purchase an item
    • Treat established volunteers (see volunteer discipline policy for any differently from other Receiving volunteers with respect to stream fishing. In the very rare case that a staff member thinks it appropriate for an established volunteer to speak to a production coordinator about a stream fishing license (Stream fishing), this conversation will take place out of the receiving area and away from other receiving volunteers.