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MAIN Chart

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

Filling out a KEEPER label

SATA Gallery.jpg
Floppy vs IDE connector
  • Count the DDR slots and circle the correct number.
  • For AMD chips:
    • Circle AMD in the "Proc Type" section
    • Write the processor model number in the "Processor Information" area
  • For Intel and other chips:
    • Circle the processor type (or write next to "Other")
    • Write the processor speed in the "Processor Information" area
  • If there are any SATA connectors on the motherboard circle the appropriate number
    • Keep in mind that SATA ports my be directed parallel to the motherboard.
  • If there are any IDE connectors on the motherboard circle the appropriate number
    • Make sure not to count Floppy counters as IDE connectors. IDE connectors have 40 pins and pin missing in the middle. Floppy have 34-pins and 1-2 pins missing near the end.
  • If the system has a dual core processor, check the Dual Core box
  • If the system did not POST successfully, check the Did not POST box
  • If there are any PCIe slots, circle PCI-e
  • If there is an AGP slot, circle AGP
  • If there is an on-board video connector, circle OnBoard
  • Remember to put your initials in the appropriate box


NOTE: If a system has no brand name on it, then it is not on this incompatibles list.

  • Amiga
  • Commodore
  • DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)
  • Sun
  • Silicon Graphics (SGI)
    • Indy (they're blue)
  • anything with the label RISC on it

Exceptional Components List

  • High Speed or Ultra Speed CD RW
    • They must have a standard 5.25" rectangular faceplate and not be laptop-sized.
    • A drive is only High Speed or Ultra Speed if it literally says "High Speed" or "Ultra Speed" to the right of the "Compact Disc" label.


  • DVD Drive
    • They must have a standard 5.25" rectangular faceplate and not be laptop-sized.
  • Front side card readers, only if it includes a cable
  • Gigabit ethernet card (Network Card marked 1000)
  • Wireless card
  • Power supply with a SATA connector
  • Molex to SATA power supply adapter
  • Molex to 6-pin power supply adapter
  • Motherboard with SATA connector(s)
  • A really cool case that some geeky kid would drool over

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