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This is the basic system warranty we've offered for a while. The history of it can be found in the history page of the printable file, here

The current, printable version (double-sided, with Tech Support info on back) is on Dead Trees, or here Make sure to update both this page, and the printable version so they match exactly. srlsy.

The Text

Here's what it actually says on the paper we hand to people.


Free Geek warranties this system's hardware for six months from the date of purchase. Failed hardware components will be repaired or replaced as necessary to keep your system fully functional for the duration of the warranty at no charge. Unless performed by Free Geek Tech Support, changes to the system's hardware, as well as damage caused by negligence, will void this warranty.

Should your system suffer a complete failure (as determined by Free Geek Tech Support) you will be issued a store credit for the full purchase price of your system; a new system purchased with this credit will be covered by a renewed warranty effective the date of the replacement's purchase.

This warranty only covers hardware failures and we are only able to address issues that can be demonstrated under our supported operating system (currently Ubuntu 10.04). If you choose to install another operating system the problem will be diagnosed using a live-boot version of our current supported operating system; issues that are only present while using an unsupported operating system are not covered under this warranty.

Systems returned due to issues other than hardware faults are subject to a 20% restocking fee applied to store credit.


Free Geek provides Technical Support for issues related to the hardware or software included ‌in the system as it was sold. Technical Support services are available free of charge for the duration of the System Warranty, then are available for another year after the warranty expires for a charge of $10 per issue (plus the cost of parts, if necessary).

Free Geek Tech Support is available from 12:00PM to 5:45PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

To receive support services:

  • Call (503) 232-9350 and select option 6. If your call is not answered (you call outside of open hours or all techs are busy) please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a short description of your problem.
  • Send an email to Include contact information and a short description of your problem.
  • Come see us! Techs are available to assist you during the Tech Support hours listed above, or you can drop off your system at the Front Desk during Free Geek's open hours (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday). We process systems in the order they are received, so it may take a few days to resolve your issue.

Technical Support is not available for software issues related to unsupported operating systems. Hardware damage caused by negligence will be repaired at Free Geek Technical Support's discretion and is subject to service fees plus the cost of parts.

Technical Support is only available for the system(s) you purchased from Free Geek. We appreciate your patronage, but do not currently have the resources to provide service for systems obtained elsewhere.