Tech Support Work Flow

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Daily Work Flow

  1. Open RT and Database
  2. Take messages, call people back. Only call people back one time. If they do not have voicemail or their phone is shut off, they have to call back
  3. Review the Open queue for anything that might need attention.
  4. Fix computers!
    1. Take in boxes as a first priority
    2. Walk -in Store evaluations first (determining that a systems is actually broken and that it has all of its parts)
    3. Systems that have been in the Tech Support Ticket queue the longest are next. Always deal with tickets in chronological order in the ticket queue.
    4. Lastly, deal with "internal" boxes (because there is no person waiting on them)

Help walk-ins if the work flow is under control. Otherwise always have them fill out work orders. Its better to have them leave and call them quickly. Make sure that they know if the problem can not be figured out in 10 minutes or so, they'll have to leave the computers. Be wary of having people hang around for too long. if the problem is not obvious have them fill out a ticket and give them the option of waiting or going. Tell them they can always leave since we have the ticket. Try and fill out a ticket for walk-ins so we have a record of walk done.

Bunker Mode (You are behind)

The order of priority:

  1. Store evalutations (person usually waiting and already annoyed)
  2. Oldest systems to fix
  3. Other systems to fix
  4. Walk-ins
  5. Messages
  6. Answering the phone

N.B. Try and answer phones when they come up.

Detailed Work Flow for Boxes

Work through the new queue in chronological order -- first in first out except in the case of internal boxes. These are to be completed after customer boxes unless the ticket is more than a week old.

N.B. I normally deal with all email inquiries to the support queue but feel free to answer (or skip) these.

  1. Open the ticket.
  2. (preferably) take the ticket.
  3. Add a comment for each stage of testing, resolution etc.
  4. When finished call the customer, mark this on the ticket and move the

ticket to the pending queue.

When a box is picked up resolve the ticket with a comment noting the date and any other relevant info. Shred the paper work.

If you are working on a box and can't finish for whatever reason:

  1. Add a comment with whatever you have found out/have done.
  2. Go to the basics tab mark the status to new and the owner to Nobody.

(keep an eye on the open queue as well for stray boxes).