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This page has been replaced. Please see here for a more complete and up-to-date verision


Because Free Geek has multiple programs and the store, and these cases have different warranties and realities, there are different ways of handling exchanges for each case. For an overview of the warranties and for a detailed explanation of what is covered and what is not, see the page tech support boundaries

Adoption and Grants

When a box was adopted or granted and it is within the warranty period of one year, the customer should get a comparable or slightly better box off the FreekBox shelf by the classroom. If the adopter or grantee does not have any files that need saved (or the hard drive has died), the best procedure is to just swap the whole box. If files need to be saved, you can either swap the whole hard drive or put the drive in a usb drive caddy and rsync the files into the home directory. If the system is similar swapping the drive can be the quickest, easiest thing to do, but keep in mind that the OS on the swapped system may have been customized and some things may not work without tweaking. Some grantees will try and make requests for additional hardware at the time of bringing in a problematic machine. Please direct these grantees to the normal grant procedure.


Store units are exchangeable if DOA within 90 days of purchase. If available, simply grab a comparable (or slightly better) unit from the storage shelves near the clasroom. Laptop exchanges always require a coordinator. If no comparable unit is present, which is especially common with high-end laptops and Apple hardware, a customer may be given a store credit for the value of merchandise purchased. Please fill out a tech support store credit form. It's on Dead trees under Tech Support.


Adoption and Grants

At this point, there is no gui way of doing a simple swap in the database for an adopted box, or of doing any kind of return for it, so for the time being, make a new disbursement, make the disbursement type "Replacement" and note in the comments the system id of the old box if it can be determined

  • If possible get a printme from the old machine or hard drive (printme info is located in /var/lib/freegeek-extras/printme/), Write down or remember the system ID of the old machine
  • Go to "data" in firefox or iceweasel
  • Click on "Entry" under "Disbursements"
    • "Search will allow you to look for the adopter's (or grantee's) previous disbursement and hopefully allow you to tell if it is in the warranty period.
  • Find the contact
  • on the right side enter the type (System), the number (1) and the new system's ID.
  • put "today" in "When did this get given away"
  • Choose "Replacement" for "Type of disbursement"
  • Note the old system's ID and the RT ticket number in the comments
  • Note that the system was replaced (and any other relevant information) in the RT ticket for the issue.

Note: "Add new return" at the top of the screen is for store use.