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Job Description

Prebuild Coordination
  • Develop and maintain process and documentation for Hardware Identification, and System Evaluation
  • Teach volunteers working in those areas
  • Coordinate prebuild needs with build, advanced testing, alt build, receiving, front desk, and recycling
  • Train and wrangle volunteer interns in that area.
Bookkeeping and Budgeting Oversight
  • Oversee paying of bills, recording of income, reconciling of accounts.
  • Beancounting.
  • Develop and maintain process and documentation for till management.
  • Coordinate with front desk and store regarding tills.
  • Write checks for reimbursement.
  • Backup office coordinator as person who gathers hours from staff and ensure paychecks are created and disbursed.
  • Work with treasurer, board, staff, and council to develop budget.
Big Picture, Organizational Development
  • Think ahead of the organization and develop proposals for staff, board, and council.
  • Build consensus around proposals for the direction Free Geek should take.
  • Make sure people know how to implement their ideas.
Staff scheduling
  • Schedule staff for work shifts
  • recruit substitutes to fill in.
  • Work with staff and co-schedulers Dave and Laurel on making schedule fit needs of Free Geek better.
Technical infrastructure
  • General system administration
  • Help users gets accounts set up
  • Extract information from database
  • Work with technocrats and coders on database application development priorities.
Moderate email lists
  • This entails being on all the lists to handle incoming spam.
  • I am now sharing some of the moderation duties with other staff members, especially in regards to approving new list members.