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The Thrift Store has stocked up several digital photo frames of various sorts. It is our intent to put informative and promotional slides on these devices.

The photo frames will show at least JPEGs, and content for them can be easily created by creating slides in OpenOffice Present (or similar) and exporting to JPEGs.

Front Desk

There is an 800x600px Pacific Digital MemoryFrame between the two tills at the front desk. This frame can load photos from a USB drive, but due to the awkwardly positioned port you will probably need to use a USB extension cable to get one plugged in. This frame should give a brief overview of store policies and give informative info about freegeek.


What do we want this thing to say? Populate this with draft text.

Return Policy

Spell out the return policy in short bursts, so the font can remain readable.

Thank You

Feel good text thanking customers for their business and talking about how their purchases support our work.


Another idea is to have one of these frames next to systems.


An explanation of the Operating System


Lay it out in plain english

  • What happens if I put windows on the machine?