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The Till Operation Badge

Cash Handling

  • Cadet demonstrates the following skills:
    • counting new till (morning/till drop)
    • Cadet explains importance of facing bills
    • Cadet shows proper way to avoid giving improper change to scammers
    • Cadet explains purpose of placing bills >$20 under the till
    • Cadet demonstrates counting back change
    • Noting any cash out/in not in the DB
    • Cadet will ask staff or subs for change when needed

Credit Card Machine

  • Cadet demonstrates the following skills:
    • Running a basic transcaction
    • Write transaction # on receipt
    • Printing Customer Copy
    • Attaching CC receipt to Sales receipt
    • voiding a transaction
    • Reprints
    • Cadet demonstrates location new CC wiki page.

POS Orientation

  • Cadet deomnstrates the following skills:
    • Navigating the GUI (mom joke redacted)
    • Using the 10-key, arrows,tab and enter
    • ctrl+E to turn on description field
    • Turning the discount on/off


  • Cadet will explain the following policies:

DB Orientation

  • Cadet will demonstrate the following skills
    • Looking up purchase history
    • Looking up hours history
    • Searching for transaction