Trash and Recycling

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You can help us keep our facilities clean, fight fruit flies and recycle. Trash and recycling usually takes about an hour and a half to empty garbage, mixed recycling and glass recycling bins and throw away food waste.

Basic Howto for Trash and Recycling:

Check the site map on the back of this sheet to locate the trash and recycling bins around the building that you will need to empty and replace trash bags. While these bins are well labeled there will still be occasional mistakes with trash going into the wrong bin. It is up to you to make sure the trash goes into the trash bin and the recycling goings into the appropriate bins.

  • Mixed recycling bins: including plastic bottles and tubs, paper and cans. The blue bins on the site map.
  • Glass recycling bins: glass bottles and jars (no light bulbs). The green bins on the site map.
  • Trash bins: everything that can not be recycled (including food scrap until we get a compost program).
  • combine trash from all small cans in building into large can and take out to the two dumpsters in the parking lot.
  • replace trash bags as necessary (reuse bags when possible).
  • put small cans back just where you found them.
  • use large bags only for large trash cans.
  • scrub down the trash cans (if needed).
  • please don't use bags for the blue paper and glass recycling cans.
  • sort out all trash from mixed recycling and empty into blue roll carts in the parking lot.
  • put all recycling bins back just where you found them.
Food Waste
  • get rid of all the nasty stuff in the fridge and shelves in the kitchens
  • wipe down surfaces
  • through out any rock hard bread loaves
  • get rid of any neglected food everywhere, especially the cafeteria
Where Are the Cleaning Supplies?
  • Trashbags: used but clean trash bags can be found in the storage area near the bathroom by receiving (donations area). If there are no new trash bags in the storage area, ask the person at the front desk to get some out of the supply locker.
  • Gloves and sponges are also in the supply closet