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To test external disc/zip USB devices:

First, boot the computer and log in.

If the item is a zip drive, enter the following into a console:

the password is freegeek
cd /dev
ls -l | grep scsi

look for something that looks like this:
scsi0 -> /dev/scsi0
if it shows up, type

mount -t vfat /dev/scsi0 /mnt
into a console. If you do not find scsi when you type in 'ls -l', this device requires drivers that this computer does not have. If you tye in 'mount -t vfat /dev/scsi0 /mnt' and the computer replies 'mount: /dev/scsi0 is not a valid block device' then the device is bad.

    • The above instructions work but I have found that these instructions work easier:
 jaZip for Linux Version 0.34
    • After you have followed the above instructions you will need to create a icon on the desktop to execute the program. I have already left that part done on the testing system in advanced testing.

Just click on the icon that says jazip and the program will load. I (Trevor) will try to put on here the instructions on how to format a zip under linux and how to see what is on the zip disk as soon as I can. Also on the command line you can type lsusb to see if the drive has loaded or not and if the usb drivers for linux actually reports the drive even there.

If the item is an external CD-ROM device, log in as root and type in

cd /dev
ls -l | grep cdrom

look for something that looks like this:
cdrom0 --> /dev/hdc
cdrom0 --> /dev/cdrom0
If this shows up, type in:
mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt
If cdrom0 did not show up when you entered 'ls -l' then the device requires drivers.
If the computer replies when you type in mount 'mount: /dev/hdc (or cdrom0) is not a valid block device' then the device is bad.

To test USB mice/keyboards

USB Mice:

Turn on the computer, and check if the red light in the bottom of the mouse comes on within 5 seconds of you pressing the button. If it does not come on, then check the connection and try again. If the light comes on, when the computer comes to the log in screen, move the mouse around to see if the computer responds. If not, the mouse is bad.

USB Keyboards:
Turn on the computer, and check if the LOCK (such as Caps lock, Num lock, etc...) lights quickly flash on then off. If not, check the connection to the computer. After the computer has booted up, log in. Then get into a word processing program, such as Open Writer, and make sure that no keys stick. If you were unable to log in, due to the faulty USB keyboard, then the keyboard is bad.

If you have any questions,or you are using another device, ask a supervisor, or me, Michael McCall to help.

--Inhuman 10:19, 5 Jul 2005 (PDT)