Volunteer Appreciation BBQ 2010

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Saturday, July 24th 4-7 PM


Trader Joes

    • Veggie hotdogs (3) $8.97


  • Gluten Free
    • Hot Dog Buns (6) $6
    • Hamburger Buns (4) $6
  • pickles (1)$5


  • Tofurky - faux meat beer brats (10 pks) $40
  • Tomatoes - (7 lbs) $21
  • Nayonaise (soy based) (2 x 24 oz) $11
  • Lettuce
    • Red Leaf (4 bnch) $6
    • Green Leaf (2 bnch) $3
  • Onions (7 lbs) $14
  • potatoes (20lb) $28
  • apples (2lb) $4.50


  • Tortilla Chips (4 pks) $9
  • Salsa (2 jugs) $8
  • Potato Chips (4 pks) $12


  • Soda (3 x 24 cans) $18
  • Lemon Syrup (1 jug) $5
  • Charcoal (huge bag) $14
  • Ketchup (2 x 64 oz) $6.50
  • Relish (3 sm jars) $5
  • Mustard (Big pump jar) $5
  • Hot Dog Buns (4 lg bags) $12
  • Hamburger Buns (4 lg bags) $14
  • Polish Dogs (2 x 10 lb boxes) $49
  • Hot Dogs (2 x 10 lb boxes) $25
  • Garden Burgers (big boxes) $51
  • Hamburgers (2 big boxes) $41

TOTAL = $427.97


  • Meredith sent out an e-mail asking staff members if they'd be willing to bring some homemade stuff
  • Liane will make her bangin' vegan potato salad

Keep it Legal Brownie Contest 2.0

  • Meredith made signs & will post them
    • done
  • We need judges
    • Last year we chose some well-known volunteers to be judges, including Nate. I recommend getting a Board member, staff member, and (star?) volunteer Ali 20:47, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
    • Richard?
    • Anyone who likes brownies?
    • Ended up using 4 volunteers & 1 tie-breaker.
  • We need to designate a prize for this
    • T-shirt? nope


  • Keg tap (reliable!!!)
    • We may have one. Morgan may bring one. Worst case is to rent it from Maletis for $5 +$60 dep.
  • Servers Between Jeff R. Leah, RfS and Luiz should have enough legal servers to cover.
  • Beer (Ninkasi?)
    • Tony will call MMiller He said we should just go through Maletis
    • 7000 North Cutter Circle

Portland, OR 97217-3953 (503) 735-2300

    • We would just pick it up day of. No need to pre order. Keg should be about $140 + $30 deposit.
  • Also need receptacle for keg and ice
  • Other (wine?) Could get case of $3 chuck at Trader Joes if desired
  • Maybe a case of swilly cheap beer for those who prefer that? PBR?
  • P/U and delivery needed.

Set Up

Advice from previous years: use a Sharpie and write on the table (underneath side, of course) where the table came from, e.g "Meeting Room", "Laptops Recycling Table". Ali 20:53, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

  • We need ~8 tables (We have 2 that Meredith could find)
    • use meeting room tables,
  • We need ~50 chairs (We have ~30 that Meredith could find)
  • add some couches, meeting room chairs
  • We need grillz (Liane will check into this)
    • Big grill(meat) near warehouse: confirmed
    • small round webber grill: will be at FG before party
    • small barrel grill : matteo has one, Sergio will ask if we can borrow
  • Last year Liane bought a ton of compost-able paper plates, she will try to find them or buy more
    • got them, Kathie checked ,they're in the closet
  • We will need to set up trash/recycling/compost bins & make everyone aware that they can compost paper plates & plastic utensils
  • Porta Potties
    • ordered 2 PP from Americansan, they'll get delivered around 2 pm on Saturday, should sit next to steel bin, doors facing away from party

Live Music

  • Billy K & friends will be playing for us
  • Sean Morgan will be setting up - Liane is working with him

Raffle Prizes

  • Super system made by Build volunteers (Caitlin will talk to Alan)
    • Done
  • AV prizes? (Meredith will ask Dirk about this)
  • T-shirts (Laurel has ordered them)
    • nope
    • T-shirts will probably not be ready by the 24th, certificates instead?
  • Cellar Door coffee/gift certificates (Liane will ask Luiz to do this)
    • done
  • Nosh gift certificates? (Meredith will ask them)
    • Done
  • Classic Game stuff (Tony has a Classic NES +games package)
  • $20 Starbucks gift card
  • Could do a lappie, too
  • Citybikes will have a basket of goods ready for p/u soon
    • done
  • WAiting on reply from Next Adventure

Raffle logistics

  • Tony has 300 tickets made up
  • Need a scheme for distributing tickets (how to dole them out?)
  • part of the buffet, volunteer hands out tickets to each eating person
  • Propose having all prizes on a table and first person drawn gets first pick, second pick, etc. Allows for preferences.

Blaine Chess Challenge

  • Tony has 5 chess boards lined up. Should be good.
  • We should make sure he's in the shade

Post-BBQ Notes


  • We bought 100 meat burgers & hot dogs
  • Box of Gardenburgers (~$50)

What went well/Positives

  • We started setting up & getting ready right at 11, which made things less frantic later on.
  • Overall we kept it simple (live music fell through) but volunteers seemed to really enjoy themselves nonetheless
  • Having a sign-up sheet for volunteers to help with set up the week of the BBQ ensured there were folks to help out
  • Raffle went well! We gave one ticket to each volunteer and one extra to each volunteer who participated in the brownie contest. Raffle prizes were awesome & well-received:
    • "Raffle box" - super-awesome high-end system made by Build instructors
    • Mini-DVD player (from Dirk)
    • Original NES with games
    • CityBikes package with bike-related goodies
  • People *loved* Blaine's chess challenge & no one beat him
  • Shaun Morgan was awesome with helping to set up the sound equipment so we could have music & mic action.
  • Watermelon was an excellent choice on this toasty day.

For next year

  • Create a checklist to make planning this easy!
  • Announce during the BBQ that you must be present to win the raffle
  • Schedule staff tasks way ahead of time to even it out
  • Post schedule of events ahead of time
  • Designate brownie contest judges ahead of time
  • Sandbags to secure the tents! Volunteers got creative & hung recycled system from the top bar with a cord.
  • Get a more universal prize for the brownie contest - we gave away coffee & the winner didn't drink coffee
  • Notify and invite our neighbors (Market Street Studio tenants & Mcguire)
  • Make sure to invite the board well in advance
  • Make sure to cancel the middle shift of Hardware ID - it cut into BBQ time
  • Put jug of water in the fridge beforehand
  • Make sure lemonade is not too strong!