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Welcome to Free Geek! We'd love to see you down here volunteering, but please consider the following points:

  • Be accountable: if you can't come in for a shift, please ensure you contact your supervisor to let us know before your shift is scheduled to start. If you plan to be absent for more than one day in a row, please let us know well ahead of time.
  • Please proceed proactively with your paperwork, time sheets, and evaluations if those are an outside requirement for your internship.
  • Record your hours at the front desk at the end of each shift. This record can become your official time sheet for your school or program.
  • Communicate your needs. Please speak often with your supervisor about how things are going in your area and collaborate on ideas and solutions. If you need extra help or this turns out not to be the right place for you, talk to your supervisor or Mark Kille, the HR Partner.
  • Any information you may learn about staff, volunteers, donors or anyone else at Free Geek, including contact information, is to be considered confidential and may not be used by you or anyone else for any outside purpose.
  • Of course, theft, assault, and harassment aren't allowed at Free Geek.

Consequences of not fulfilling the terms of this contract:

If a problem arises, a Free Geek staff person will talk to the intern. If problems persist, we reserve the right to terminate internships.

I have read, understood, and agree to the above.


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