Wireless Card Testing

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These are instructions for testing Wireless Cards for desktop computers. Cards are not hot swappable, so make sure the computer is off before starting the testing process. If you have any questions, check in with your instructor.
Check for Damage Visually inspect the wireless card for a missing faceplate and\or loose or damaged antenna connector. Determine that it is not a pre. 802.11g spec. card. If the card is missing its antenna, replace it with another antenna.
Seat Card & Turn On Place The Wireless Card into the slot on the motherboard, click the Power On switch, log into Xubuntu OS.
Determine Card Status

Keep IF:

  1. you can connect to the Free Geek Wireless Network and surf the web.
  2. OR if the card shows up in lspci or sudo lshw (run these commands in a terminal) but does not work with Linux (eg does not allow you to connect to the internet.)

Not sure if the card is compatible?

  1. Open Firefox and type this address in the URL https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported. This is an Ubuntu community page dedicated to listing wireless cards' varying functionality under linux operating systems. The page may also list the need for drivers on specific cards.
  2. Click the side link “By Manufacturer” and search for the wireless card's chip set.
  • Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive and may not include the card you are looking for. If that's the case, test it anyway.

Recycle into the yellow bin IF:

  1. the card's lights do not come on
  2. AND the card does not show up in lspci or sudo lshw when you type these commands into a terminal
  • If both conditions are true, your done with testing, go to the next card and start again.
Power Down Turn off the computer and remove the wireless card.
Label Initial and stick a Tested By Sticker on the Keeper Card. If the wireless card is not compatible with Linux, write that on a sticker or piece of tape, attach to the card with a Powers On Untested Sticker.
Store Box Place the Keeper Card in the outgoing thrift store box.
Do it again! Thanks for your good work!