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I'm not so fond of using my web browser as an editor, so I looked for tools to download wiki pages and edit them with my preferred editor, vim. I grabbed WWW::Mediawiki::Client, and built a debian package out of it. and now, years later, through no work of my own, it's part of debian etch: http://packages.debian.org/libwww-mediawiki-client-perl


apt-get install libwww-mediawiki-client-perl


Basic Usage

mkdir ~/some_wiki_dir
cd ~/some_wiki_dir

Log in:

mvs login -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -d wiki.freegeek.org -w index.php

Download a page (don't forget the .wiki part!):

mvs up User\:USERNAME.wiki

If you get ? User\:USERNAME.wiki, then you must create the initial page with a web browser first and then try again.

Then, edit User\:USERNAME.wiki with your favorite editor.

To commit:

mvs com -m 'some commit message about what i changed' User\:USERNAME.wiki

Alternately, you can do a preview:

mvs preview -m 'some commit message about what i changed' User\:USERNAME.wiki

And this will generate a preview.html file that you can view with your web-browser. If you like what you see, don't forget to do a "mvs com"