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Active Free Geek Volunteers January 2006 through April 2009

An active volunteer is someone who has logged at least four hours of volunteer activity during the previous ninety days. While the numbers has been rising over the years as Free Geek has grown, it is interesting to notice the spike in the number since the beginning of this year.

Towards the end of 2008 there is a small dip, probably due to the holidays and the December snow storm. We started 2009 at 693, 140 more than the 543 at the beginning of 2008. As of today, we are at 923, an additional 230 people -- and we're only 30% the way into the year!

This beginning of the year spike is probably the most prominent thing on the chart. It looks like each year starts with a small bump, but this year's is quite pronounced. Most people here attribute it to the high unemployment out there.