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This page is totally out of date. Ali 00:44, 14 September 2008 (UTC)

An ambassador is one who goes out into the world to speak and act while representing Free Geek. Shortly after the ambassadors group began, they discovered a need for all ambassadors to be informed well enough so they know what to say and what not to say about Free Geek in order to represent us correctly (and not make promises that we can't keep!). Ambassadors may also need some more guidance, depending on what the ambassador is going elsewhere to do, and their level of experience with Free Geek and outreach.

The Outreach Committee is in charge of the oversight of the ambassadors.

This page will help you figure out when you'll need to see the Outreach Committee before going out into the world to talk about Free Geek, and what the Outreach committee might tell you.

When to go see the Outreach Committee

When will the Outreach Committee (or, most likely, 2 representatives of the committee) want to speak to you/check in before you speak at an event?

  • If you are giving a presentation at a conference or talking at a public event and representing Free Geek
  • If you're talking for Free Geek to a reporter from a major media outlet
  • If you're going to staff a table at an event on Free Geek's behalf or speak in a classroom.

This meeting with the Outreach Committee will often be quite casual and short, depending on the event where you'll be speaking. It shouldn't be seen as a big hindrance to outreach, but it needs to happen so our spokespersons are well-informed.

After you've spoken at an event, please send the outreach committee an email (outreach [at] freegeek [dot] org) to let us know how it went!

You don't need to check in with outreach if:

  • You're attending an event and want to network
  • Your words about Free Geek are written in a personal blog or in a minor publication (examples?)

What Outreach will talk to you about

  • You'll be pointed to the Media Kit.
  • You might receive some speaking tips.
  • We'll ask you about the topic of your talk and, if you need it, fill you in on where the organization is on that topic.
  • Some other stuff I'm forgetting, probably.

For those visiting Free Geek startups

  • Check in with the Free Geek's Outreach committee before and after initial contact.
  • Make sure they understand the application process. This will:
  • Maintain an understanding of how things are going for said startups

A list of things for a Free Geek startup ambassador to be aware of

  • Who is your primary contact at the Startup?
  • Know how Startup Free Geek operates on a day-to-day basis
  • Know what jobs are filled by who and how they "do their thang"
    • Who is the recycling coordinator?
    • Who is the network person/ do they have an ASS?
    • Who does their books?
    • What education do they offer, how?
    • Do they have a grants program?
    • Do they have a store? What do they carry? What principles guide their store?

Choosing Who'll Be the Ambassador

Decided during the 10/26/06 Outreach meeting:

1) For requests for FG representatives near to any official FG, the decision of
who goes should be passed to that local FG.
2) For requests for FG representatives far from any official FG, the decision of 
who goes should be passed to the FG Intergalactic Congress.  Intergalactic would 
use their own decision making process, taking into account the guidelines 
already presented by the ambassador group.  The potential time-sensitivity of 
the request should also be taken into account.

The decision was questioned during the following staff meeting, and the policy may need to be changed to better accommodate our current structure as well as the operating capacities of other Free Geeks.