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Bag Check Policy: What is a Bag Check, and where is it located? Who has to check their bags?
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Bag Check is defined as a location where bags should be secured in a reasonable manner. The Bag Check shall be located in a generally understood location.

Volunteers and visitors are required to leave their bags (including purses and small gizmo bags) at the bag check.

Volunteers who consistently need to bring their bag to their shift area may receive a bag pass - once approved by the staff collective. The bag pass idea/policy was discussed and approved at the staff collective meeting on May 14, 2010.


How it works

Bags are checked when a volunteer comes to the front desk to check in for their shift.

  1. volunteer hands the front desk personnel their bag.
  2. front desk personnel hands volunteer a playing card that matches the number and suit on the shelf where the volunteer's bag is.
  3. volunteer comes to log their hours and collect their bag after a shift.
  4. they give the front desk personnel their playing card in exchange for their safely guarded bag.

Obtaining a Bag Pass

  1. A volunteer must have a need to consistently bring a bag in the back while they are volunteering (personal tools and teaching supplies are some good examples)
  2. The volunteer must ask the area coordinator
  3. The area coordinator forwards to staff collective for approval

The passes will have the following information:

  • volunteer's name and volunteer ID number
  • the AREA (reason for the bag pass)
  • expiration date

List of Volunteers Approved for a Bag Pass

Sortable table
Name Volunteer ID Area Expiration Date notes
Dale Lockhart 31635 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Jim Cox 6253 Build 03/15/2012
Roy Marshall 21645 MacBuild 03/15/2012
John Franko 50030 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Teresa Frakes 54910 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Jim Anderson 39183 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Bob Griggs 4905 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Dennis Jones 50971 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Marie Buckner 39119 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Charles McCarthy 21192 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Ying Yee 68581 Laptop Build 03/15/2012
Kurt Krueger 23339 Build/Teaching 03/15/2012