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This is one of the most important jobs at Free Geek since we see over a hundred volunteer and donors come through our doors daily. Clean bathrooms are a service to humanity. This is the first task volunteer cleaners should start with. Thank you for your contribution to public health!

Basic Howto for Cleaning Bathrooms

  • wipe down with cleaning product and sponges from the supply room.
    • toilet (use a disinfectant)
    • mirror (use glass cleaner)
    • sink (use regular detergant)
  • refill all soap dispensers with 50:50 solution of soap & water
  • check toilet paper situation (please don't put out more than 2 rolls at once in each bathroom)
  • check towel dispensers (The Donor Desk has a key)
  • mop floor
    • fill mop bucket in shower
    • empty mop bucket (in the shower) when you're done!
  • swap out old magazines for new reading materials (there are two shelves of mags in Library!)
Commonly touched surfaces (read package of cleaning product; must say "disinfect")
  • Sanitize doorknobs/bars
  • Sanitize sink handles and knobs
  • Sanitize toilet flush switches
  • Sanitize toilet sink
This page is in the Volunteer Desk category because cleaning volunteers are overseen by the volunteer desk.