Borrowing Items Guidelines

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Last approved by management collective at meeting on November 1, 2012.

Borrowing items from Free Geek.

Free Geek maintains a small library of books which may be borrowed by active volunteers and current staff members. Additionally, Free Geek receives and processes many other items, many of which may be borrowed as well. Items that have been refurbished and designated for sale, disbursement, or infrastructure use are not authorized for borrowing.

Free Geek maintains a system used for tracking borrowed items, and all items borrowed must be recorded using that system.

Books may be borrowed upon the authorization of any Front Desk staff or any volunteer under the supervision of Front Desk staff. Other items may be borrowed upon the authorization the Reuse managers or other staff designated by the Reuse managers.

Reuse management may establish libraries for non-book items and delegate authority for borrowing to others as needed.

The Administrative Services Department maintains a paper Borrow Form to be used to communicate authorization for borrowing non-book items. The Front Desk staff and volunteers take primary responsibility for entering borrowed items into the system. The Administrative Services Department is responsible for monitoring borrowed items and ensuring their return to Free Geek.


  • The system for tracking borrowed items is currently the disbursements function built into our database (FGdb).
  • The current Borrow Form can be found on Dead trees.
    • RfS 18:00, 10 November 2012 (UTC)