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A buddy is someone assigned by HR to orient a new staff member or paid intern. A buddy will:

  • Create a schedule for the new hire's first couple of days. The schedule will include training, time to go through the checklist, and appointments with various staff members to complete different sections of the checklist. For example: Laurel will set up healthcare for the new hire. The buddy needs to schedule a time for Laurel to meet with the new hire.
  • Create a file for the new hire if it doesn't exist. The file will live in the cabinet in the Monkeyhouse.
  • Copy the new hire's ID according the requirements on the I-9 and W4. Place the copy the new hire's file.
  • Ask the new hire if they are First Aid or CPR certified. If they are, copy their certification cards and place them in the file. Add their name and the expiration date of their certification to the CPR Certified Staff page.
  • Print a copy of Orienting New Staff Members that will go in their file. A buddy follows the instructions on that form and initials each item off when it has been completed.
  • Check-in once a week with the new hire.
  • Serve as a "go-to" person for questions.
  • Will check in on how the new member is doing on completing goals set at 3 month mark. The buddy can even help the new collective member distill action plans from items in their job description.

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