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Call-In Policy: Originally adopted by the Staff Collective on February 24, 2012: [[1]].
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This policy applies to all Free Geek employees.

All employees will be provided with current contact information for their co-workers and the Free Geek cellphone.

If an employee is going to be late or absent, they or their designee should call the Free Geek cellphone and email paidworkers-at-freegeek-dot-org as soon as they know it is going to happen. Except in an emergency--defined as a reasonable concern about one's life or permanent loss of an organ or body part--or when the employee is incapacitated, this notification must happen no less than forty-five minutes before their first scheduled floor shift or meeting begins. Failure to give timely notice will ordinarily result in an automatic verbal warning in accordance with Free Geek's discipline policy.

In addition to the cellphone and email notice, the employee should also call their org-chart supervisor's contact phone number on or before the day the late arrival or absence is expected to happen. This communication should happen no less than forty-five minutes before their scheduled floor shift or meeting begins. The supervisor and schedulers should be responsible for making sure all affected work areas are informed and covered.

This policy does not apply when an employee has previously received approval for paid time off or unpaid leave during the affected floor shift(s) or meeting(s).


POLICY NAME: Calling in for Absence or Late Arrival