Codifying the Staff Collective

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The Free Geek Collective ceased to exist on February 28, 2013. For information on current staff, please go to Staff. For detailed information about the re-organization of Free Geek's management structure, please go to 2013_Restructuring_Documents.

This sounds like something that would be incorporated into a definition of what Staff is responsible for. Ali 23:16, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

(This is one of the pages for discussing specific changes in the current bylaws of Free Geek. As we reach loose consensus on the topics duscussed on this and other pages, we will make those changes on the Proposed Bylaws Working Draft page so we can see them all in one place. When we feel the whole project has stabilized into something workable, we will bring the proposed new bylaws to the Free Geek Community Council and the current Free Geek Board of Directors.)

Salient elements:

  • The collective consists of permanent (as opposed to limited-term) employees of Free Geek
  • The collective is in charge of hiring and firing its members
  • The collective is in charge of hiring and firing other staff members (interns)
  • We use consensus in our decision making
  • We take care of day-to-day operations
  • We make priorities regarding staff compensation (within a budget), i.e.
    • health care, raises, or more staff hours?
  • More?