Collective Workload Policy

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The Free Geek Collective ceased to exist on February 28, 2013. For information on current staff, please go to Staff. For detailed information about the re-organization of Free Geek's management structure, please go to 2013_Restructuring_Documents.

Collective Workload Policy: Adopted by the Staff Collective on April 6, 2012.
List of Policies - Policy Development

This policy applies to Collective members only.

Collective level expectations are that collective members are full-time employees.

Full-time is defined as a floor of 37 hours per week and a ceiling of 40 hours per week.

Nothing in this policy prevents the working of overtime hours in accordance with formal overtime policy.

Nothing in this policy prevents the working of fewer than 37 hours per week in accordance with formal policies for paid and unpaid leave.


POLICY NAME: Workload Expectations for Collective Members