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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development.
Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

Computer Use Policy: This policy addresses use of library computers
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  • Regarding internet access at Free Geek, the computers in the Library shall be part of a lab with the following usage requirements:
  • access shall be limited to active volunteers only
  • access is limited to 2 hours per person per day

Additionally, individuals are not permitted to bring their personal laptop into any area of Free Geek other than Tech Support.


Volunteers who wish to use the computers in the Library shall write their name on the sign-up sheet posted on the wall, along with the number of the corresponding computer they are using and the current time. If all computers are in use, the sign-up sheet will serve as a waiting list (and then obviously the volunteer wouldn't include a computer number and the time until s/he actually starting using the computer).