Council 2005 11

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  • Facilitator: Rick
  • Scribe: Laurel
  • Previous Meeting Minutes


Rick (facilitator), laurel (scribe), Richard, Marie, Bob, Joe, matteo, Pete, Tim, Debi, Dave, Clout, Wes, wren, martin, Seamus


  • RFS will make a list for people who want say in how we send who where: this is called the ambassadors list. Sign up here.
  • Martin will check these notes. DONE


No staff reports on the list?!?

  • Morale Report. New staff schedule is nice and less stressful; makes time better. However, sick season is starting, so we expect to have some shorthanded days. Seems like adoption volunteers and donations have been taking a downturn. Maybe we need more advertising/PR strategy? Christen is working on Press Kit/press releases. Marie is interested in the Outreach committee.
  • Eval report. We are almost out of systems. (See low donations.) You can even sweep the floor! Eek! can create some problems for prebuilders.


Board Election Process

We want to be sure that the next elections go smoothly. The most recent process was rushed and it took two meetings.

Potential timeline for next year -

  • July 12 (board): board should let the council know how many positions will need to be filled.
  • August 16 (council): nominations
  • Sept 20 (council): elections
  • Oct 11 (board): annual meeting

In general, the form/application was good, but it needs to be available to the nominees earlier (and presented with a deadline), and available to the council members as well. May need a checklist like the Hiring_Checklist so we know what to do when.


Financial report. (RFS)

  • Income: About 1/3 is from sales, 11% from recycling, about half from donations and monitor fees, remainder misc.
  • Expense: 60% goes to staff, 1/4 to rent, 11% from monitor recycling, remainder misc. Lately, we've been under between $3000 - $2500/month.
  • Good news: a volunteer is donating money every month for toilet paper and dish soap. MacKenzie River Gathering Foundation is giving us a $750 grant. And we have received a $27000 grant from Meyer Memorial Trust via the Oregon Community Fund.
  • In the future: we hope to have a budget for 2006. RFS has worked out a flowchart of gizmo flow in order to help figure out categories for the budget. Gizmo_Flow_and_Programs

Board recommendation/report.

What to do with the $27000. Propose putting $6000 to pay off a personal loan made to us, $11000 to defray our Total Reclaim debt, and $10000 to set up an operating reserve. This $27000 is dedicated by the grantors to help fix weaknesses incurred in the homestreet project. Aimed to help FG restore its financial health. Concerns about the ongoing difficulties to meet regular expenses on time (rent, payroll) leads the board to recommend a cushion (operating reserve) to avoid these problems. Also, we need to do more fundraising. ? How do we make sure the cushion doesn't just get spent?

  • (RFS) There aren't any formal safeguards. However, we have learned from our mistakes and are now a bit more risk-averse. (Where the main risk here is overhiring. Money must be sure.) The budget that we're formulating will help us measure and keep things sane. ? What can the cushion be used for/how do we make sure it gets refilled?
  • (wren) There are no formal, official guidelines, but if money is taken out, the first priority is to replace it. Need to look at it as a "for emergencies only" sort of thing - address problems that could make FG stop.
  • (Marie, accorcing to Pete's memory) The standard operating reserve for businesses is 3 months' expenses. The $10000 is just a start. We need to make sure it's there when it's necessary.
  • (RFS) Predicts regular use and replenishment of the cushion until we fix the monthly underrun. Message should be sent to board and council when we dip into the cushion.

Last board meeting also elected officers. Current officers are: laurel is chairman, Marie is secretary, Seamus is treasurer. Also: board meetings are open to anyone. Next meeting is January 11 at 5:30.

Consensus training

New board members are not all that familiar with consensus process. Training is planned for Jan 4 at 5:30 and open to anyone who might be interested (not just board members). This will be just the basics.

Blind Linux

Has been going on for a while, but there aren't the people. However, MNR may be able to find funding if we can put it together. Our ability to do this will depend on how much funding would be available. Wes plans to spin off his own project to try to make something that would work. Do we know what it might take? Do we want to form a committee to figure this out? Proposal: We should set up a meeting to discuss this project, including distro people and anyone else interested, in order to estimate numbers and figure out what it might take to do this.


Tomorrow night (17 Nov), movies including Geek Fair 5 documentary, here.



  • laurel will try to translate board election process into a hiring-checklist like document for the next meeting.
  • Shawn will try to help Marie get involved with PR stuff
  • martin will organize a meeting to do with the blind linux development proposal. contact wes, clout, wren, distro group.