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This checklist is the current procedure for hiring new staff (interns and collective members at Free Geek). It should be implemented in the context of the Hiring Policy. Each step is completed by a person, committee, or group, indicated in bold.

This process begins with and is followed by a hiring committee. It ends where the buddy's job begins.

Early stages (over a month in advance)

Perform these steps as appropriate.  Some may be skipped because the position is not a new one.
  1. Perceive gaps in current staff coverage staff
    • If someone is doing a comparable job, get comments on current worker's performance and their opinions on the qualities needed HR
  2. Develop job description HR (work with whoever is/will be closest to that position)
  3. Research the financial impact (confer with the board)
  4. Propose description(s) to council staff/HR, council
    • Rework descriptions if necessary staff/HR
  5. Set timeframe for hiring and update the HR Calendar HR
  6. If hiring an NPA, check the end-date of the apprenticeship to make sure (for example) it is not between Thanksgiving and January 15th.

Suggested Timeline:

  • Allow 4 weeks to hire a new person. Make sure the week of interviews is a week with a Friday staff meeting.
    • Weeks 1 and 2: Post job. Leave open for 2 weeks.
    • Week 3: Close job. Thin resumes for one week. Choose applicants for interviews. Contact everyone not selected for an interview. Do interviews
    • Week 4: Continue interviews, if necessary, OR new person starts!

Approximately 1 week in advance

Form interview committee The interview committee are responsible for the following:

  • Post to Jobs webpage
  • Add a link on the main page as a post
  • Post to internal lists and bulletin boards
  • Post to external lists as decided by staff
  • Where to post jobs
  • If special instructions are needed for Front Desk workers (i.e. handing out materials, applicant signatures, collecting resumes, etc.), then communicate this clearly to them and to the Office Coordinator

After job posting, before deadline

  1. Come up with important qualities and criteria for thinning/interviews interview committee/HR
  2. Collect resumes interview committee
    • Respond, including an expected timeline if you haven't already provided this info
    • Compile printed copies for staff review
    • Update spreadsheet (in fgstaff directory)
  3. Create interview questions and email to staff for suggestions interview committee
    • Look over fgstaff/hiring/interviewquestions for reference
    • School yourself on what you shouldn't ask
    • Remember to explain our benefits package during the interview to insure candidates know what they'll get!

At/after deadline

  1. Remove from jobs page
  2. Remove internal hard copy job postings interview committee
  3. Read resumes and make recommendations interview committee
    • Staff has opportunity to review the resumes and add to the stack
  4. Email rejections to those thinned interview committee
  5. Schedule interviews interview committee
  6. Present recommendations interview committee

Decision day and beyond

  1. Determine 1st choice staff
    • If this is unclear, further interviews may be necessary.
  2. Contact 1st choice, set start date interview committee
    • Wait until we hear from them that they still want it, just in case!
  3. Contact rejections interview committee
  4. Announce to internal lists/on webpage staff/webmin
  5. Pair new hire with a buddy HR
  6. Determine necessary training staff
  7. The buddy's job begins. See the buddy page.