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The Debian Bug Reporting class should give a basic understanding of how to report bugs on debian systems.




tips for working environment

  • keep a web browser pointed to this page
  • open several terminal windows
  • don't forget to use the "man" command, or -h and --help
  • commandline reminders
    • remember to use tab completion.
    • hit tab twice, fast.
    • hit tab again!
    • remember to use the up arrow to re-do a previous command
    • keep hitting tab!

topics covered


reportbug is a helper utility to faciliate good bug reporting. it will help you browse the currently reported bugs, and facilitate providing additional information, or report new bugs.

apt-get install reportbug
  • when you know what package is broken:
reportbug PACKAGE
  • when you know what program, but not what package:
reportbug -f FILENAME
  • without a working mail system (use FILE as a template for your email):
reportbug -o FILE
reportbug --no-check-available

additional and related topics

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