Determining Seniority Policy

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Determining Seniority Policy: Determining Seniority Policy FINAL DRAFT.
List of Policies - Policy Development


This policy was proposed by a subcommittee of Geiner, Kathie, and Richard, posted to the staff email list, and then discussed and agreed upon at the weekly staff meeting on April 16, 2004.

Seniority is defined using a 'who started working as a paid collective member earliest' criteria.

If a worker ceases working at Free Geek for a period of more than one year, that worker loses their seniority. If they are re-hired within one year's time, their seniority remains intact.


(Another twist we considered would have been to limit the number of times a person can be gone for up to a year without losing seniority. For example, we could have said it can only be allowed to happen once. The full staff has not talked about this yet, but could implement policy regarding it in the future.)

Current Ordering of Seniority

(verified 3/26/2011)

  1. Richard Seymour -- Administrative Services Department Coordinator
  2. Liane Kocka -- Reuse and Recycling Department Coordinator
  3. Darryl Kan -- Recycling Coordinator 2
  4. Sean Ellefson -- Reuse Program Coordinator, Laptop Build
  5. Cynthia Prevatte -- Reuse Program Coordinator, Macs and Prebuild
  6. Darren Heiber -- Education and Hardware Grants Coordinator
  7. Stephen Getman -- Volunteer/Front Desk Coordinator