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The questions listed below are those most frequently asked of callers to Free Geek. They are followed by suggested responses. I recommend that each Front Desk worker have these questions handy and periodically review each for a quicker response. For a categorized list of info: Answering_the_phone

  • Where is the location of Free Geek?
1731 SE 10th, two and 1/2 blocks south of Hawthorne between Market and Mill
  • I'd like to know more about your program, can you give me information?
Thank you for your inquiry. We will give you all the information you need at our tour. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 7PM. We have two tours each day, one at 12PM and another at 5PM. We also offer a tour in Spanish at 2PM every Saturday. Scheduling isn't necessary to take the tour, but do be here 5 minutes early. If you want to join our program, we'll sign you up right after the tour.
  • What time am I supposed to arrive today OR I can't remember when I'm suppose to arrive today?
a. ask them what program they are in, Build or Adoption (24 hour program)
b. if they don't know, check the volunteer Data Base and then
c. check the appropriate schedule sheet to find them
d. give them the information
  • Do you accept what I have to donate?
a. Have a "Free Geek contribution slips" handy to answer this question
b. If necessary, make sure they know that we do not accept: copiers, Microwaves, large appliances and items having a lot of wood on them.
c. let them know that we accept all computers and computer related equipment. We will take software, but for the most part it will be automatically recycled as we do not use Microsoft operating systems.
  • I'd like to cancel for today, can I reschedule over the phone?
a. find out what program they are in and erase their name
b. then reschedule them using the appropriate schedule sheet
  • I have community service hours, can I work at Free Geek?
a. Yes, we have a community service program
b. You must be pre-screened (via phone or in person)
c. After you've been approved, you'll need to come in for a tour before signing up to start working
c. Please bring your court paperwork with you when you take the tour
  • Do you make pickups?
a. Maybe. Follow these instructions on what to do.
  • Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we do accept both MasterCard and VISA. We do not accept American Express and Discover.
  • I have personal information on my hard drive, do you remove the information and provide a guarantee?
No, we do not give guarantees, but we do wipe the hard drive clean, so that the information is irretrievable, then we place our own operating system on the hard drive. If the hard drive can not be used, we recycle it by taking the screws out and putting each component into a different bin for recycling.
  • Do you charge for donations?
Yes, in some cases we are required to charge a fee, for televisions and monitors. This will apply only beyond a certain quantity, based on whether you are an individual, non-profit, small or large business. Please call the front desk at (503) 232-9350 for more information. We also have a suggested fee associated with every item. The suggested fee is not required, but if you can help us out it will be greatly appreciated.