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The startup list
You can sign up for the startup list here: http://www.freegeek.org/about/intergalactic/startup-list-signup/
The Free Geek Principles
The six principles that govern what a Free Geek actually is. All applicants must understand these and agree to them in order to use the Free Geek trademark.
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Service Area
The geographic area you expect to serve. Don't make this too big. A potential problem would be that one town claims a whole state and this creates confusion when another town in the same state tries to get set up. Most Free Geeks use the name of a town and serve the whole metropolitan region around that town.
The preferred naming scheme is "Free Geek Foo" where "Foo" is changed to the name of your service area.
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Conditional Status
When the Intergalactic has formally decided that the applicant is very near to provisional status, but there are a few outstanding issues. At this stage the Intergalactic can allow the applicant to use the name dependent upon certain stated conditions.
Provisional Status
The Intergalactic has formally decided that the applicant may use the Free Geek name with no outstanding issues. The applicant understands what they're getting into and will develop a plan for achieving ongoing status.
Ongoing Status
Intergalactic has formally decided that the applicant may use the Free Geek name and is actually carrying out standard Free Geek activities according to the Principles .
Provisional Trademark Use Application
The first of two applications, designed to demonstrate that an applicant understands what a Free Geek is, knows a bit about how much work it entails, and wants to actually do that.
Follow-up Questions
Questions asked by the Intergalactic of the applicant designed to address red flags during the initial application phase.
Progress Reports
The provisional Free Geek must report regularly about their progress towards achieving ongoing status.
Develop and submit
the following items need to be fleshed out and understood. They do not need to be submitted all at once.
Mission Statement
The provisional Free Geek must supply a mission statement that defines what they will be doing and that meets the Free Geek Principles.
Business Plan
An overall plan for establishing standard Free Geek activities, including funding, volunteer recruitment, acquisition of space, etc.
Vendor List
A list of vendors that the provisional Free Geek will be doing recycling business with.
Incorporating area by area is different, here is some consistent items
Articles of Incorporation
Paperwork filed with the state or province establishing a legal entity as a non-profit.
Formal rules filed with the state or province that govern the provisional Free Geek's decision making system, etc.
Charity Status
Status granted by the government that could allow certain tax benefits to the provisional Free Geek. In the US, the government agency is the IRS and charity status is governed by section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.
Acquire Space
In order to carry out its activities, a provisional Free Geek must eventually acquire space (through purchase, donation, or a rental agreement) in order to carry out its activities.
Final Application for Trademark Use
When all the above steps have been completed, the provisional Free Geek should apply for ongoing status, and the Intergalactic must review this application.
Status Reports
The Free Geek must report regularly about their activities, showing measurable evidence that they are adhering to the principles.