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Representative of what is developing in Bellingham, Washington in relation of the Free Geek partnerships.

Like FG-Portland (PDX), FG-Bellingham (BLI) is a group of like minded volunteers to help keep computer equipment out of the landfill, including such processes as ReUse, ReBuild, and ReCycling. Several other developed programs along the way include PC donations, adoption, training, education, and lab for new technology development.
Currently, two major businesses already collect donated PC equipment. One is focused on recycling of equipment from local-only individuals, the other is focused on large donations from across North America - resorts and businesses [1], to reuse and rebuild for donation to individuals and non-profit distribution centers. They work together on sharing volunteers and using common resources for recycling and metal recovery.

Neither one fully embraces the complete set of Free Geek base goals and principles. However, both do learn and adapt own ideas from FG experiences and online information. Currently both work with donated consulting services from Iain Davidson to help development of more efficient and effective processes and services.

Based entirely on the FG goals and principles. Works with Portland, Oregon Free Geek's structure and processes. Assists other Washington state eWaste management based businesses in successfully implementing the Washington State 2006 eWaste Recycling legislation.
This includes online listings of partnerships for every step along the way (i.e. Collection, Transportation, Reassembly, Recycling, etc..) [Note: This would also include listing/referal services for Free Geek's or similar businesses for each area covered.]
This organization (currently with lot of assistance from Iain Davidson) works with the Department of Ecology and various Washington state PC manufacturers to assure all the steps are in place for ALL the counties of Washington.
Also provides online and staffing resources. Helping to coordinate volunteers, or professionally paid staff / contract consulting for priority consideration. To help and 'move-along' the ever increasing eWaste Management needs and processes.

[1] For example, several contracts in the process, 8,000 to 14,000 PC systems a year. We are partnering with PFA for these large corporation contacts and masive transportion coordination. PFA is the #1 non-profit business in North America who collects and re-distributs donated '5 star' (barely used) furniture (and other household items) to people of need. Fringe benefits include scholarship fund raising events and furniture sales in various cities along the way.