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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development.
Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

This is related to the Free Geek Trademark use application process for Free Geek startup organzations that want to be recognized as an official Free Geek or an official Affiliate of Free Geek. This is a first take. -Oso


As part of our work to register the trademark for the name Free Geek, we have discussed the concept of Certification Trademarks, a way to trade mark a process or product. For Free Geek, this means we could create legally defined certifications for our recycling practices and procedures and our education model.

Free Geek Principles

Organizations that want to become official Free Geeks need to adhere to all six principles listed below. Those that would just like to be affliated (having a Free Geek certification of their recycling and reuse programs) just need to meet the first four.

See the more detailed Free Geek Principles. Just the outline shown below:

Affliate Level:

1. Have a mission that is similar to and does not contradict the Free Geek Mission Statement.

2. Dispose of equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

3. Use Free/Open Source Software wherever possible and must promote the Free Software philosophy in other ways, such as transparent collaboration with others.

4. Provide low- and no-cost computer technology and training to their community.

Official Level:

The four principles listed above and the following:

5. Be democratically run in a non-hierarchical way that is open and transparent to all participants in its programs.

6. Be a non-profit business (as legally defined in their location) and must follow honest business practices and have the stated goal of advancing the common good.


Recycling Model:

  • No unsafe deconsruction to be performed by volunteers.
  • No prison labor.
  • No overseas shipping of goods to be recycled.
  • No dumping.

Reuse Model:

  • Adoption and Build programs.
  • Classes that are part of Adoption and Build programs are free for volunteers in these programs.

Process for getting certified

This assumes the applicant has already completed the first step of the Free Geek Startup Trademark Use Application process.