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Free Geek Intergalactic
  • Address:
1731 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
  • WWW:
  • Doc: This Wiki
  • Email:
  • Phone: 503.232.9350
Size Info
  • Staff:
  • volunteers:
  • Areas: Education, Administration, Collaboration
  • Size: Contained with in the "Local Group" of galaxies
  • Revenue:
  • Contact: Propagation Group
  • Primordial Ooze: Free Geek Inc. (Portland)
  • Catalyst: Those many startups
  • Date Founded:
  • Company Type: Non-Profit run by Consensus
  • Free Geek Status: Meta

Free Geek Intergalactic (FGI) oversees a democratic decision making process for all official Free Geek® organizations. FGI oversees both the Free Geek Startup Trademark Use Application process and the subsequent Free Geek Certification process for new Free Geek startups (organizational and affiliate).

Legal Structure

  • Free Geek, Inc. is the current 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Portland.
  • Official Free Geeks are those organizations that have permission to use the name "Free Geek"® in their official name (i.e. Free Geek City or Region). (Sometimes also known as Startups.)
  • Free Geek Intergalactic is both an Official Free Geek and a committee made up of all the "Official Free Geeks".
  • Each official Free Geek has at least one representative on the Free Geek Intergalactic committee.
  • When two (or more) official Free Geeks are activated within a state/region, they can create a regional committee that can have a single representative on the Free Geek Intergalactic committee.

Role of the Free Geek Intergalactic Group

  • Maintain application forms and process.
  • Review and approve trademark use applications for new Free Geek operations.
  • Maintain oversight through required Free Geek reports.
  • Physically determine qualifications for certification (site visit).
  • Organize the annual Free Geek Intergalactic Congress.
  • Raise funds for and maintain distribution process for start-up grants to new Free Geek groups.
  • Report all committee activities to the Official Free Geek communities. For example, at Free Geek Inc. they decided that this communication be with there council and board of directors at their regularly scheduled meetings.


Free Geek Intergalactic may spin-off in the future to form its own non-profit corporation. This will give even better liability protection to the members of the Free Geek, Inc. board of Directors. Some thoughts on this below:

Free Geek Intergalactic, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) organization) shall have a board of directors and members, the membership shall elect the board. Membership shall be limited to representatives from official Free Geek organizations. Each Official Free Geek shall be required to have membership in FGI. They shall be required to send at least one representative to the annual meeting (Congress). Board members shall be elected by the current membership of the organization. You must be a board member or council member (in good standing) of your local official Free Geek to qualify for election to the board of directors. Each official Free Geek shall pay an annual dues of $_____ (on ability to pay basis) to help facilitate the operations of Free Geek Intergalactic.
Free Geek Intergalactic shall have the ability to hire staff to oversee the daily operation of the non-profit. Free Geek Intergalactic headquarters shall be based at the mothership location.

Funding Structures


Dues are not intended to create barriers of any kind for starting a Free Geek. Dues are intended to aid Free Geek Intergalactic so it can facilitate the start-up process of becoming a Free Geek and the Free Geek Intergalactic Congress. Dues will not be used for Free Geek Intergalactic staff salaries.

  • Each official Free Geek shall pay dues yearly to the Free Geek Intergalactic fund (sliding scale based on ability to pay).
  • Each preliminary status Free Geek shall pay dues of $1 to $100 per year (sliding scale based on ability to pay).
Grants and other fundraising
  • Cash grants to Free Geek start-ups.
  • Facilitate shipping of hardware grants to Free Geek start-ups.
  • Administrative costs of the committee.
  • Staff costs.
  • Costs associated with organizing Free Geek Intergalactic Congress.
  • Scholarship fund for financial hardship assistance for representatives travel expenses to the annual congress.


This is a proposal. The FGI committee could initially be formed by Members of Free Geeks who are currently already sorting things out. The FGI committee is intended to enact and give structure to the results of that process, not take it over now. This also gave me someplace to organize a legal structure proposal and how it all might relate. This section will be moved to "talk" after a few days.

The reasoning behind the separate entity 501(1)(c)3 structure is to limit the liability of Free Geek, Inc. and its board of directors. Any criminal or negligent activities will be the responsibility each individual organizations board of directors. This limitation of liability should work both ways and extend to each official Free Geek operation (no single Free Geek can get everyone else in trouble). This of course is my opinion and not that of an attorney, needs research.

Regional Committees are meant to be voluntary, so that a hypothetical Free Geek in northern CA and one in San Diego aren't "forced" to pretend they are a "region" if they are the first two in CA, for example.

Membership in FGI is not limited to one person per group.

Committee shall meet via email/teleconference/IRC on a regular basis to review applications.