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  1. Priorities -- The Council work group Optimus Prime formulates hiring strategy and policy, including setting priorities about which positions should get filled first.
  2. Job Description and Criteria -- The Council discusses positions as they come up, reviewing and developing jobs descriptions and the criteria for hiring people to fill positions.
  3. Implementation -- The Staff then implements Council policy and does the actual hiring.

(Note: We also discussed the reality that there are different kinds of vacancies. In some cases, people are already working at Free Geek either unpaid positions or positions paid from outside sources. If the "new" position simply amounts to a change in funding, an actual hiring process may not be needed, but this gives rise to new complications. For instance, there may be more than one person in the Free Geek community who can do the job, so an internal process is still needed).

The staff has developed a Hiring Checklist as a procedure to implement the above policy.