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At the council meeting on March 19, 2008, the following hiring strategy was approved. There are no hard timelines set, and each section will depend upon Free Geek's ability to budget for this growth. This supersedes our Old Hiring Strategy.

Next to each item is a number indicating how many staff hours will be added or subtracted from our current schedule.

Martin's departure

Staff has the authority to do what they need with Martin's position. This is the example presented:

Projection 1

  • Martin leaves -31
  • Coder (other) 16
  • Net change: -15

Contingency 2

  • Additional paid sysadmin time needed 10
  • Net change: 10

First Priority

(Plan A1)

  • Printer contractor out (-24)
  • Additional production coordinator (35)
  • Net change: 11

Having a Printer Coordinator whose sole main responsibility is printers has not worked well for us, whereas the rest of Production works as a tem, sharing responsibility and this has worked well. This plan is to make printers part of the production team and hire another Production Coordinator who would at first focus largely on printers (with other duties as well) and work to fold printers into the production team, with work shared by all of the production coordinators

Second Priority

(Plan C1)

  • Recycling intern out (-24)
  • Additional recycling/warehouse coordinator (35)
  • Net change: 11

Third and Fourth Priorities

(in no particular order)

Plan A2

  • prebuild intern (24)
  • shift hours to startups (0)
  • Net change: 24

Plan B1

  • additional outreach hours (8)
  • Net change: 8

To be done as soon as external funding can be found

(Plan B2)

  • Capital campaign coordinator (35)
  • Net change: 35

Last Priority

(Plan C2)

  • Bring back recycling intern (24)

Bottom Line

  • Net change: 108