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(This strategy has been superseded by the new Hiring Strategy)

Trying to address priorities as outlined in the General Priorities document, and assuming that we need to expand staff, we're putting together a general plan that should cover the next year. The basic gist of it is to hire enough income generating positions up front that we will be able to fund more mission related (and non income generating) positions later on.

Another central idea to this is that we are considering adding several internships to the mix of staff. (These are short term positions that would be re-hired for every six months under our current practice.)

Below are several items, grouped logically, and in the rough order that we expect things might happen. Where we know the dates, they are indicated. There may be factors that affect the order in which we hire for positions. For example additional staff members may leave, or some positions could be funded by grants with specific time lines.

This is a work in progress. As we decide to implement items, we should incorporate them into the HR Calendar.

As of Sept 7, 2007

This shows actual or approximate payroll hours for current staff (collective members, interns (i), and subsitutes (s) ). The exact number of hours each week will vary with interns and substitutes working more or less than average.

Hrs    Staff Member
===    ============
35	Alison	
22	Cliff	  (o)
 2	Clout	  (s)
35	Dave	
24	Nori	  (i)
35	Elizabeth	
20	Forrest	  (o)
35	Jeff	  
28     Jenn      (i)
12	Kathie	
35	Liane	
35	Luiz	
31	Martin	
35	Matteo	
10	Matthew	  (s)
35	Michael	
35	Richard	
24     Francisco (i)
32	Shawn	
22	Dana	  (i)
28	Sergio	
  • Total of approximately 570 hours per week on schedule.

Below, people leaving are shown with negative numbers indicating the number of hours. New hires are shown as positive numbers.

Changes approved since above date

Changes in process

On June 20, 2007 the Council agreed to an HR proposal that we authorize the following changes, pending approval of budget by the board.

Education Coordinator

This job is heavily mission related, and is not planned to be directly income generating. It needs to happen when revenue streams have been increased enough to support it. This will likely happen in Fall 2007.

 35	Education Coordinator
  • Net increase of 35 hours

Changes not yet in process

Prebuild Intern

This could be hired through an outside agency or by Free Geek

 24	Prebuild Intern
  • Net increase of 24 hours

System Administrator

Martin has announced a year long leave of absence for 2008. This would require us to hire a replacement position.

 35	New sysadmin
-31	Martin
  • Net increase of 4 hours

Outreach Coordinator

An Outreach Coordinator would deal with:

  • Net increase of 35 hours