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This is the form that everyone on staff fills out when an NPA has his or her 3 month Intern Review. The reviewer should print enough of these out so each collective member gets one, although each collective member need not fill it out if he/she has no contact with the NPA. NPA's are encouraged to fill out the review of their fellow NPA.

Feedback for_________________________________________________ Date_________________


Please answer the following by marking with an X in the most appropriate box. Elaborate below the table for any response in the barely ever or never categories, and use the back if necessary for these or other comments.

Always Mostly Sometimes Barely Ever Never Don't Know
Is the NPA effective in meeting the needs of volunteers and donors and make them feel welcome at Free Geek?
Does this person get to work on time and return from breaks as expected?
Does this person communicate issues as they arise?

Please write at least a short response to the following questions.

  • What is most commendable about this person's contribution to Free Geek?

  • Many NPA's select goals or projects to work on in their second 1/2 of their apprenticeship. Please recommend goals or projects for this person:

  • Can you think of anything s/he could do to make your work environment better?

  • Any insights into how s/he might make their own life easier at Free Geek?

  • Please use the big white space below for additional comments you may have.

Thank you.