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Every intern who Free Geek hires, whether they're an exploratory or a job-training intern, should receive a review at 3 months. This is a good time for a check-in with the whole staff (informal check-ins with the intern's direct supervisor should have been happening at regular intervals anyway), and this is also the time that we tell the intern that they're not right for the job if this is the case.

This howto is meant to help the intern's supervisor get the review done in a timely manner. As with all howtos, this document should be updated as the process changes.

Process Overview

This process should be simple, and low-stress:

  • Print out the forms and give 'em to collective members to complete.
  • Collect the completed forms, needling collective members as necessary.
  • Show all the completed forms to the intern while you and one other collective member sit and have coffee with the intern.
  • Take notes on this note-taking form.
  • Put a text copy of the notes you took in the intern's directory in the personnel directory.
  • Report back at the next staff meeting.

Ta-daa! Follow the timeline below for clarity and timeliness.


When the intern is hired on

  • Mark your calendar: in 3 months, you'll need to do a review!

2 1/2 to 3 weeks before the review

  • Set a date for the review with the intern. You should give yourself 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the review. (Or just send an email to schedule [at] freegeek and they can probably schedule it for you.)
  • Alert the staff scheduler of the time and date of the review.
  • Make copies of the Intern Review Form -- one for each collective member.

1-2 weeks before the review

  • Distribute the review forms
  • Alert staff over email that they've been given a review form which they should return to you by ___

2 days before the review

  • Needle staff about the forms

Day of the review

  • Print a copy of the sheet of questions to ask the intern during the review
  • Print out a copy of the intern's job description.
  • Do the review! Have the intern read the forms, then ask the questions. Take notes.

Next staff meeting

  • Report to staff at the next staff meeting. Talk about the general outcome of the review, any specific issues that arose, and recommendations for changes to the forms and documentation.

After that

  • Make changes to the forms and documentation as necessary. After all, it's on the wiki.