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There are 3 flavors of interns at Free Geek:

  1. Apprentices are paid by Free Geek possibly in conjunction with a contract by an outside agency such as ITT Tech. They serve a contractual term as paid interns (Apprentices)
  2. Structured volunteering, such as a build assistant, tech support volunteer, college credit, etc. (Volunteer Interns)
  3. People who are paid by an outside agency such as SMS (Outside Interns)

We have renamed "Paid Internships" to "Apprenticeships" in order to avoid confusion about internships (paid vs. unpaid). (From Free Geek's point of view, people paid by an outside agency are treated as Volunteer Interns.)


These interns are hired through an open hiring process by writing a letter describing why they want to work at Free Geek and how it helps them along their road to a permanent job. Sometimes we hire these interns from within our volunteer pool. Their internship is restricted to 6 months (except in extenuating circumstances whereby they work a few months extra). They receive a review at 3 months. For a more complete explanation of paid internships, check out the Paid Interns page.

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Volunteer Interns

These interns tend to apply through our internships webpage. Descriptions of available internships are linked to that page. These interns are volunteers here on a set schedule. Often they're getting school credit for volunteering here.

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Outside Interns

These are generally folks who are sent here by SMS. They're paid by the outside agency and are "supervised" by someone on staff. They have a set schedule and are generally around for a significant chunk of time.