Invoicing Donors

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  • Verify their contact (billing) information and agree on an amount that they will pay (minimum is the monitor fees).
    • If contact person is not in the database, enter it into the database.
  • Fill out a regular receipt for them including the dollar amount.
    • Chose "invoice" under the payment method options in the database.
    • Make sure the donor approves of the amount being billed (i.e. required and/or suggested amounts). You can do this by giving them a call if the person delivering the hardware does not know.
  • Print the receipt and give to the donor.
    • Show them that it is an official invoice (will be written next to receipt number).
    • If the person making the drop off is not the donor (but instead is a courier), then mail the invoice to the donor.
  • The invoice will be tracked electronically by the Beancounters.
    • There is no need to include a copy of the invoice when closing out the till; just make sure the donor receives it either via hand-delivery at the desk or via mail.