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This is a resource for scheduling large group tours only. Inreach is the primary organizer of large tours. If they are interested in tours AND volunteering, have them send an email to volunteer@ to be processed by the Volunteer and Front Desk Coordinator. If they're only requesting a tour send an email to inreach@ with the following info:

Monday, June 24th 2013

Metro Hazardous Waste Conference Attendants

  • Time: 1:30pm
  • tour focus: Reuse, Recycling, volunteer programs
  • how many?:35 adults, split in 2 groups, meet in the warehouse
  • Group Contact: Kary? she will email beginning of June to confirm,
  • FG contact: Darren/Liane
  • confirmed?:yes


  • please put out cones earlier in the day for a large tour bus to park for 1 hr

info to include

  • Date & time requested?
  • Contact info: name/phone number/email
  • Number on tour?
  • Accommodations?
    • Age? (if school tour)
    • Special needs?
    • Focused tour? (techy, political, etc.)
  • Volunteering as a group afterward? (direct toward Liane)
  • FG Staff contact: your name here (it's okay, Inreach can reassign)

Then, Inreach or lead planner fills out the rest:

  • Assigned tour guides: who agrees to do it
  • Confirmed? y/n
  • Contact notified of confirmation/denial? y/n, date

Large tour concerns

  • Dismantling floppies, other tasks for splitting large tour groups up
    • Block out recycling table in schedule & let recycling know (need safety goggles and gloves for all)
  • Do we have staff,intern, volunteer with one group recycling while the other group is on the tour?
  • Should the adults/contacts take tour first to answer any questions the kids may have?